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Badger Boost is a way to increase your rewards in BadgerDAO Setts, which is derived from your Badger and DIGG balances on Ethereum. The higher the ratio of your native balance (like bBadger or a DIGG LP) compared to non-native balance (like funds deposited into BTC Setts), the higher the Badger token rewards you receive on your non-native vault positions.

That ratio is called the Stake Ratio, and the basic formula, introduced in BIP 24, is relatively simple:

Stake Ratio = [$ value of BADGER Balance + $ value of DIGG Balance] / [$ Value of non-native staked sett positions]

I’d like to introduce a new model for DCRN’s rewards. This article expands the ideas laid out in the previous post.

In the initial model, the initiative for rewards comes from Contributors.

In the new model, Reviewers propose a method to reward Contributors and then execute it with DCRN’s approval.
DCRN’s governance decides if a particular type of contribution should be rewarded and to what extent.

Here’s the list of major changes and some reasoning behind them.

1. Abandoning the application model.

== From ‘Contributors invite themselves’ to ‘Reviewers invite Contributors’

The main problem with the application model is that it creates an entry barrier to DCRN:
Contributors have to ‘invite themselves’ to the Network…

What? & Why?

The foundational principle behind creating the Decentralized Contribution Reward Network (DCRN) is to encourage high-quality involvement in Uniswap Improvement.

The primary way to do that is to facilitate both part-time and full-time quality voluntary engagement of contributors through an Open Network.

This initiative’s main goal is to create an infrastructure that fosters building and to grow the Community of Uniswap builders.

If successful, DCRN could function as a magnet for active Uniswap contributors who are eager to collaborate. If it does, it could become a giant help center for everything Uniswap related, from development to adoption.


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